Lore: Of Kings and Dragons

Circa 85 BE...

The evil wizard was a man of mystery, and where he came from, no one knew. The ancients claimed he appeared one day out of nowhere--from another world altogether-- and the scribes wrote of similar things.

His name was Oranthuz, though the meaning of his name is alien to Terridia. He wore a long, dark robe, and a hood that concealed most of his face, and his eyes were gray and lifeless. It was common to see him carrying a wooden staff, with alien runes of some sort engraved all over it, though none had the courage to ask him what the carved symbols meant or stood for.

Upon his arrival, with whatever dark forces he brought with him, he slowly began to corrupt the minds of kings, planting a seed for his own secret and evil purpose. For it was he alone who convinced the mightiest of kings to form a unified empire, one that he planned to rule in secret. Fools they were, for they knew not his intentions. They marveled at his powers, his signs and wonders, deeming him a god from afar. Yet some of the kings, the small remnant that didn’t trust him, would not adhere to his deception, for they knew a great evil had entered the world…

One day, circa 85 BE, roughly eight decades before the Great Empire claimed supremacy over Terridia, Oranthuz held a secret meeting with King Eldrin of Loneldrin. The wizard was not pleased with the king’s failure to usurp and take over Barnoria, the eastern kingdom that was once part of Argendoth.

“Your brother Veldros still lives, and his kingdom grows strong,” the wizard had said to him. “Yet, you do nothing about it, except drink wine and fill your belly, while sitting on your throne.”

“I have tried my best, oh great one from afar, but my brother’s knights, they come from all over the world! They lurk in shadows, and seem to show up whenever, and wherever, we strike!”

“And who are these “Knights” you speak of?” the wizard asked, though in truth, he was well aware of the newly formed knighthood that opposed the coming empire.

“A host of foolish men,” Eldrin responded, “men like my father who still believe in The King Above All.”

“Foolish, perhaps,” said the wizard, “but obviously strong enough to resist your armies. The Emperor is not pleased with you, King Eldrin. But perhaps I have a solution.”

“Please, share this solution with me,” Eldrin had pleaded. “What can I do to defeat my brother, and reclaim his petty kingdom for myself?”

“Call upon the dragon!” the wizard had shouted. “Bring that beast back home, for it will instill fear in the hearts of all who oppose the coming empire. Command him to tear down that statue of your father that sits upon the high mountains, for it is a mockery to all of us.”

“You speak of Brodha?”

“Who else would I be speaking of?” said Oranthuz. “That dragon was a friend of your father’s, and a powerful ally indeed!”

“Brodha would never disrespect my father like that! You speak madness, wizard. And besides, the dragon won’t heed my call, nor do I know where he dwells. He departed from here nearly five years ago, when I claimed this as my own kingdom. But I suppose a man with powers beyond reason, a man such as yourself, could easily convince the dragon to join us.”

The wizard was silent for a moment, narrowing his eyes as though concealing a dark secret. For it is also written in some of the ancient books, that Oranthuz indeed located the ancient beast, and through many trials, failed in his attempt to coax him. None of his dark magic, nor any of the dark spirits that guarded him, had any effect on the dragon, and his attempts to corrupt Brodha brought on swift destruction. It was only by luck or fate, that the wizard managed to escape Brodha’s wrath in the deep cavern of Mount Balthor.

“No,” Oranthuz responded, “he will listen to you, for you are the son of King Arnostus. Go now, and gather your bravest men. You shall leave tonight for Mount Balthor.”

“Mount Balthor?”

“Yes,” said the wizard. “The dwelling place of Brodha.”

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