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Lore: The Angry Dragon

“No,” Oranthuz responded, “he will listen to you, for you are the son of King Arnostus. Go now, and gather your bravest men. You shall leave tonight for Mount Balthor.”

“Mount Balthor?”

“Yes,” said the wizard. “The dwelling place of Brodha.”

From high above Argendoth, Brodha spied a small delegation riding forth. He flew above them, watching their progress, realizing they were on a heading to Mount Balthor, his mountain.

He could see they rode with purpose, as if knowing what they would find at the end of their journey. Only one other knew of his location. Brodha knew at that moment that the evil sorcerer Oranthuz was behind the split of the kingdom. How else would Eldrin know where to find Brodha.

“This should prove interesting,” Brodha declared to himself.

Off he flew to Mount Balthor. He would not allow them to enter the caverns, of course. It was his home. They were uninvited. Oranthuz was trying his best to win Brodha as a powerful ally. Brodha would not hurt the son of his friend, but if Oranthuz were with him, there would be nothing to hold him back. He’d fry the sorcerer with his electrical burst, then eat his horse.

The last confrontation they had was a difficult one. Oranthuz was not from this world. Brodha knew that. His power grew, but Brodha’s has grown as well. He looked forward to a time when he could rid Terridia of Oranthuz’ evil.

Brodha had difficulty believing that one of Arnostus’ sons had been swayed by the sorcerer. With a huff, a bolt of lightening hit the wall of the cavern, sending fragments of rock flying. His anger was boiling over. Oranthuz failed with his silver tongue to bait Balthor to aid him, so now he sends Arnostus’ son.

Brodha waited days, occasionally flying out to feed his hunger. Soon he sniffed the scent of the intruders just beyond the entrance to the caverns, Brodha spewed a bolt to hit just before them, spooking their horses, throwing the men to the ground. He allowed the men to see his eyes glowing from the darkness of the cavern.

“A warning to Eldrin, son of Arnostus, believer of the King above all! Come no further and state your mission!” Brodha’s voice echoed from the darkness of the cave.

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