An Encounter Most Strange

It was into the snowy blue that she found herself, traversing across paths less taken. The towering entity that was Ellam's Highlands were laced with a century's worth of ice and snow, the glassy fragments protruding from the ground sharper than the rocks themselves. Every few steps a crunch could be heard, the cracking of wood penetrating the pale sheet of six inches. The tall figure stabbed her staff into the ground as means of an anchor while the wind blew violently in her direction.
When it wasn't a light snow up in the heights, it was blizzarding. Blinding. But she knew her way. Living in a place so desolate and uncharted required a quick mind and an even quicker eye.

Wind howled through the peaks as Sidhia walked, yards, then miles on foot. The cold failed to cut through the surface of her body. An internal hearth nestled neatly within her chest.

Thank Volusasis for that. His heat, his everlasting warmth. The torches blaze like the suns with his word, flames like a sword from above as he sweeps fire into the sconces and from a beast's breath.

Snowflakes plastered her hair as she knelt into the snow. Her clawed fingers grazed the branches of a prickly bush of some sort, oddly misshapen berries hanging from the frozen tendrils. They only came a certain time of year for sacred reasoning. Quickly she tucked them into her pouch and pulled the strings shut. It was all she needed.

But the wind had caught her gaze, whispered her sweet ancient melodies, guiding her eyes to the towering stones a few yards ahead near a cliff-like edge of the mountain. The drop was unforgiving, she'd noted previously, approaching to admire the natural architecture of the circle.

And it was into the snowy blue she found herself looking onto the stones she so often gazed upon, a body placed perfectly in the center. The cleric stiffened and planted both of her feet strongly, staff held firm in her right. The body was just visible enough in the shower of white crystals to identify it vaguely. You rarely found people up here, not even travellers. Tread with caution.

"Help," the woman's voice croaked, drawn from her lungs in one violent sweep of the wind. Her hand reached up as she rolled slowly onto her side, eyes squinting at whoever had found her.
Sidhia inhaled deeply with closed eyes, the world in her ears being silenced for once, until she knew what this was. She knew it was pure. She knew it was safe. Her hand outstretched to the woman as well, and as she did, a dark glow appeared as if forming from her skin. The grey fabric of a cloak ominously billowing in the wind.

"Come child, it is your time. I will guide you as he's spared you this eve." Sidhia spoke intently with a hiss, serpent-like. As the reddish glow burned brighter in her palm, so did her eyes, until all the woman had seen was a flicker, then red.

They vanished.

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