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To any readers we have out there: Sorry for the long delay! This game is still ongoing. We've just all been busy. Hope to get back into the swing of things very soon.

To my fellow writers: Since not everyone uses the same social media, I decided to finally take advantage of the OOC function on this site and make proper introductions to my two writers most interested in world-building.

Peter, meet White_Caribou. White_Caribou, meet Peter. :)

Peter has tried to hash out several elements of the world, the details of which I'll post below. Caribou has expressed in adding to and helping with the world-building.

One of the points of interest is the southern region, which Peter guessed to be tropical, but then Caribou (who had no way of knowing what Peter was thinking) wrote as being a frozen tundra. Here's what she said when I mentioned it to her via email:

"We could always move Ellam's Highlands up north in the subarctic are or something if he's up for that? If not, the fact that the area around is tropical but the mountain shifts into a blizzard-like state at a certain height could magnify the magical essence it really has, holding a sacred temple after all. I like the latter."

So, Peter, what do you think?

Also, I sent Caribou a link to our map on the wiki, and she asked the following: "The map is very detailed and helpful, but do the M's mean missing and the E's mean the kingdoms controlled by the Empire-Kingdom? Correct me if I'm wrong."

To answer your question, Caribou, here's a post from Peter on Facebook (which he posted at the same time as the map, but you haven't had a chance to see it yet). Your answer is about 4 paragraphs in, under "*Note," but the whole thing is of course worth reading:

"Hello Terridians! (and Earthlings!)

I’m not much of a map maker, but I figured we should have some type of map for Terridia as the story progresses (so we don’t get lost.) As time goes on, and new places are added, I'll do a much neater one.

As you can see, there’s plenty of empty kingdoms/countries, waiting to be filled in, as well as rivers, more mountains, names for them, and so on. I’ve divided the map into different weather- zones (if that’s the right word) from arctic to the north, all the way down to the tropical regions. We can pick a region that we like, and know how the weather and temperature are supposed to be. I made the Temperate zone the largest for now, but we can always change that if it’s an issue, and some of the regions fall into two categories (Barnoria for instance, being mostly temperate, but also subarctic at its northern tip.)

Below is a list of what we have so far, as well as some of the new kingdoms/countries I’ve added to the map. I’ll leave the rest for anyone else who wants to add to it and fill in the blanks, as this is only the tip of the iceberg.

*Note: I’ve labeled some of the kingdoms with the letter E and M for simplicity. Kingdoms with the letter E are part of the Giant Empire (still need a name for the empire) and Kingdoms with the letter M are mixed (or divided) kingdoms, where some have given in to the Emperor, while others still resist him. And lastly, the Kingdoms with no letters at all (such as Lonovsia) are the last few kingdoms that totally oppose the Empire.

Dhelgorum: This is White Caribou’s kingdom, a dwarf kingdom on the southernmost tip of the continent. I placed it in the subtropical and tropical zone for now, because I think that’s what she had in mind. I placed the highlands of Ellam on a southern plateau for now, where the Temple of Kheske is located, but of course she can change this if it’s not what she had in mind.

Esdalon Mountains: A large mountain range in the east from Lonovsia in the north, to (need kingdom name) to the south. It’s also the main border that separates Loneldrin from Barnoria. The ancient statue of King Arnostus still stands on one of the highest peaks, facing Loneldrin...

Frostworth: A brutally cold subarctic region in northern Terridia. It is the home of the deadly and giant Yeti King, who dwells in the Vamsia (White Snow) mountains, and his hideous little army of “ Snogobs” as I call them (short for snow goblins) But on a more positive note, there are friendly snowmen that dwell there as well. They keep weary and foolish travelers safe if they happen to pass through the area. The Yeti King answers to no one, but he is an ally of the Emperor. The few humans that live there are loyal to the Yeti King, mostly out of fear, and they are in constant strife with the snowmen. The snowmen are the original inhabitants of Frostworth, though it remains a mystery what brought them to life. And as friendly as they are, they can be just as deadly if provoked. They wield swords made of ice, and move faster through the snow than any Snogob!

Lathalryn: (Forest of Rain) this is mostly a tropical region, though much of it lies in the subtropical zone as well. It’s a giant island, or small continent, in southwestern Terridia, almost entirely covered in rainforest jungles. It is currently ruled by Queen Rynaraz, who, unlike former queens of the past, including her mother, has given in to the Emperor, and now the entire land is part of the Giant Empire.

Lonovsia: (Land of Snow) Known for its huge woodlands, mostly coniferous trees in The Northwood Forest, and constant snowfall, this kingdom is separated from Frostworth by the Icy Bay. In eastern Lonovsia, one can enjoy the picturesque view of the White Bear Mountains, named so for the large, white bears that dwell there. Similar in appearance to Earth’s polar bears, these bears are much larger, and can easily scale the slippery snow-covered mountains. Lonovsia is also known for its Northwood Knights, an order that some say branched off from the Knights of the Faithful, but still have similar interests, both opposing the Giant Empire. For some unknown reason, this particular kingdom has many portals….

Mount Balthor: This is Robert Snurrs mountain. Home of Brodha the dragon! I placed it close to Loneldrin, in a different kingdom altogether, but close enough for where the historical story is going. Brodha left the ancient kingdom many centuries ago. I'll leave it up to Robert to name the kingdom.

The Sacred Lands: At the bottom tip of the Western Mountains (till we get a better name ;o) lies what many used to call the Sacred Lands. Once a unified region, surrounding the Sea of Shrines, this beloved place has become divided like so many other ancient kingdoms. It is known for its ancient race of Avien people, who dwelled on the Angel’s Peak Mountain—a high mountain that’s still part of the Western Mountain range. Not much is known about these majestic winged people, or if they even exist anymore on Terridia, but you can see paintings of them inside the caves of the mountain.

Samalon: (Swamp Land) Located in the southeastern part of Terrida, just south of the Eastern Sea, Samalon is one of three kingdoms on a smaller continent, separate from the main continent. It is a land of vast swamps, currently ruled by King Mazarzul, a ruthless king and loyalist to the emperor.

Sea of Shrines: This inland sea lies in the temperate and subtropical zone of southeastern Terrida, and is the center point of two rival kingdoms (need names.) It is also part of the ancient region known as the Sacred Lands, though currently very few people refer to it as that. Many Stories have come from the Sacred Lands, especially the mysterious Sea of Shrines, which some claim holds the relics of ancient heroes, buried somewhere deep beneath the sea...

So that’s it for now folks. Plenty of room to add to the map if you want. We need Kingdom names, history, more mountain ranges (I’ve only added a few for now) and whatever else comes to mind. Names for rivers, lakes, seas etc.

Thanks for reading!

I actually have several more posts of Peter's to share, but hopefully this will get you two talking. :) (I think there will be a spot at the bottom for replying to an OOC post. If not, you both can do your own OOC posts.)

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