OOC - To White Caribou

Hello White Caribou. Thanks so much for bringing the map to life! It looks awesome and I love the names you came up with for the remaining kingdoms. I know it’s a lot of work, so if you want me (or anyone else) to come up with background stories for some the kingdoms you named, let me know. World building is part of the fun, and I like to know what part of the world the characters are in, whether they’re natives of Terridia, or portal travelers from Earth.

As for Ellam’s Highlands, I thought it was a region in Dhelghorum, so that’s why I placed it there on the map. But nothing’s set in stone, so you can do whatever you want to change it. And I’ve already crossed off Dralorhim from my personal map and replaced it with Javrath exactly they way you did it. I’m thinking of using Dralorhim as a town or city in Barnoria so no biggy.

Anyhow, thanks again for all your hard work and let me know which kingdoms you want help with in creating. Also, if you can (when you get a moment) could you add the name “Hallowed Sea” where the Quasrian islands are located?

Looking forward to reading your next story post and world building ideas!


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