OOC - to jl4l

Hi jll4l,

Welcome to Terridia! The light elves, or any other character you create, can be anywhere you want them to be. We’re still in the early stages of the world building, and most of the kingdoms on the map just have names at the moment. So you can pick any kingdom you want, and use that as the homeland for the light elves, and give it some type of history.

Here’s a list of the Kingdoms that already have some sort of history and details in progress...but still need a lot of work that anyone can add on:

The rest of the kingdoms are still in need of world building, and just have names at the moment. The only “rule” or guideline, is that the Kingdoms are divided into three different types:

Empire Kingdoms: The Kingdoms in red are all part of a tyrannical empire (The Arguztian Empire) and the current emperor is Ulzoriuz.

The Mixed Kingdoms: The Kingdoms in the lighter color are the mixed Kingdoms, currently divided by those who side with the empire and those who oppose it, resulting in civil wars and various claims of who is the actual king. Usually, the people from one side reside on one end of the kingdom and vice versa, but the Emperor still seeks ultimate control over the entire region.

Three: Independent Kingdoms: The Kingdoms in the gray color are the ones that totally oppose the Empire, and remain independent of the Emperors schemes, refusing to worship him or his ideals.

So that’s it in a nutshell. Hope this helps.

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