Hi, jl4l! Again, welcome aboard. Here's a link to the map. We have a Wiki where we put information like that:


You also asked where everyone was at. As Peter reminded me:

"Katie, Florien and Welyam aka William are at Castle Hope in Barnoria.

Mathew Reilly is in Lonovsia.

I'll have to read the posts again to see where Cypher, Bronfus, Arthandus and Tyrone ended up. I think they split up but I'm pretty sure they were traveling on the border mountains in Western Barnoria when the orcs invaded.

As for the other posts, there wasn't any mention of specific locations. But she can start anywhere she wants if you're fine with that."

Also, mdman (whose character is Brodha) just said that his land is called Drachall.

We also have a Facebook group called "Round Robin Backstage" where we discuss some behind-the-scenes stuff, if you're interested.

Let us know if you need anything else!

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