Between the lands of Anen and Krogon, hidden in the mountains a small city. The buildings, statues and fountains are carved streight from the moutins stone. The city having been carved into it rather than built on it. Creen vines clime most of the stone building's and walk ways so it looks like nature is trying to over take the city. Four larg foutins like water falls rest on each side flowing down into streams that lead back to a large foutin in the middle of the city. It is a beautiful city peaceful and quiet with only the sounds of children's laughter, soft spoken voices and calming music moving through the streets. Who would ever want tobleave such a tranquil place?
The answer lies high in a a tower. The castel built to the west of the city. Sitting in a window is the only person who wants to leave. Princess evony of the light elves. The youngest of 13 she is the odd one of her family, the jinx but what could one except? 13 is a very unlucky number after all. It is as she is pacing the halls that she over hears her father grumbling at his advisory. "and after the light is gone, people are left, people not of our world. I don't trust it. " the mumble in agreement.
"what has that to do with us my love?" her mother sooths from across the room "we are very secluded here, it is so rare that any new comers pass through, i doubt we will ever have to deal with the other worldly beings." evony doesn't wait to hear more. She walks the rest of the way down the hall and out of the castel. She wonders the streets of the city. Her silver dress flowing like water as she moves. Stopping at the foutin in the cinter of the city she closes her eyes. "what i wouldn't give to go to another world"

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