For Want of Peace

"oh uh princes evony... There is danger you should go to the castel where you will be safe " he said avoiding her eyes. "yes but what exactly is the danger " she pressed "oh uh word from the watch tower said dragon.. " she let him go and looked to the sky.

Brodha saw the ranks of glittery golden armor running toward him. He didn’t want this; Brodha wanted as far from this as possible. He stood at full height.

The elven soldiers continued to run toward him. Brodha spewed forth an electric arc, marking a burnt line in the ground before them. “Do not come closer. I want to hurt no one. Leave me go in peace.”

The elves stopped at the line, but Brodha still wasn’t sure their race. He took a drew in air through his nostrils. The human scent wasn’t among them.

“At least you are not human!” Brodha exclaimed. “There may be wisdom found among you.”

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