Evony and the dragon

The elves stopped at the line, but Brodha still wasn’t sure their race. He took a drew in air through his nostrils. The human scent wasn’t among them.

“At least you are not human!” Brodha exclaimed. “There may be wisdom found among you.”

Though she had been told to go inside and she probably should have she was just to curious. She followed the soldiers. When they stopped before the large creature she osuhed her way through th to the front. They gave her looks but didn't day anything to her, it was well know the youngest Princess didn't listen to anyone and would do what ever strange thing her heart desired.
When she made it to the front she saw a lone elf step from the front line. He took off his helmet and long dark hair fell down his back. He turned to scan his men his eyes resting on her before going from firm and focased to looking very tired. It was her father and he to had given up telling her what to do. He faved the dragon thwn and took a step forward.
"forgive us... " he said in his diplomatic voice. And gave the dragon a low bow "i am king alviron of the light elves... we where not sure what exactly your purpose here was and needed to take precautions.... You see no one has seen a dragon for quite some time since my father was a boy... And the last one that came to our city destroyed it and we had to move to the mountain." evonys eyes romed over thw dragon.. He was huge And beautiful and she had the strange urge to touch him, there was no fear as she looked at hik only curiosity and amazement. "what exactly has brought you all the way to us? " her father asked. It wasn't until he grabbed her rist to hold her in place that she realized she had been moving closer to the dragon at all.

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