Amused Dragon

"what exactly has brought you all the way to us? " her father asked. It wasn't until he grabbed her rist to hold her in place that she realized she had been moving closer to the dragon at all.

Brodha looked at the fair maiden with amusement. She didn’t seem fear him, but seem inquisitive. She was a curious being to the dragon. The king, however, was cautious, and rightly so. Brodha could take many of them out with one bolt.

“You may release her,” Brodha insisted, “I will not harm her.”

He brought his face before them, slowly, as not to alarm them. “I am Brodha. I have flown a great distance to think out a few things. The human world is all a kilter. There is one who seeks ultimate power. I may have to choose to step in and do something, despite humans attempting to eradicate my kind. There once was a time when dragons and humans were on friendlier terms. Now, I am alone and angry with the humans for following such a man.”

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