He brought his face before them, slowly, as not to alarm them. “I am Brodha. I have flown a great distance to think out a few things. The human world is all a kilter. There is one who seeks ultimate power. I may have to choose to step in and do something, despite humans attempting to eradicate my kind. There once was a time when dragons and humans were on friendlier terms. Now, I am alone and angry with the humans for following such a man.”

Her father reluctantly let her go. "yes well as u can tell we are very secluded here... We dont have many dealings with humans. We have been unaware of the going ons of their world. " whe informed the dragon.
"as long as you mean my people no harm you are free to rest here... Far from humans and others of the like" he offered courteously.
Evony continued to look thw dragon over. She wondered how old he was. What powers he had. If there even where any ore of his kind.

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