The Amazed Maiden

Evony continued to look thw dragon over. She wondered how old he was. What powers he had. If there even where any ore of his kind.

Brodha was delighted the Elves would allow him to have a peaceful rest and not desire him to Rest In Peace. It’s what he wanted. He needed a quiet place to think and sort out things. His land was too close to the action. Brodha might become angry and react from that anger. Here, he could objectively look at matters.

Brodha, very respectful of standing, bowed on his fore-knees. As he bowed his head, closed his eyes, he declared, “I thank you, You’re Highness! Peace and blessings be with you and your kin!”

Brodha opened his eyes to see the young female elf standing just before his eye, looking very inquisitive. Brodha left out a deep laugh as he turned to fully face the fair maiden.

“What is it that amazes you, young one?” Brodha probed. The term <em>young one</em> was used relatively, as with the elven race, young could be over a century, just as with his kind. It was very likely the young maiden had never seen one of his kind. “How May I be of service to you, My Lady?” He assumed she was a daughter to the king by the way the soldiers deferred to her. He bowed his head to her, as well.

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