A new form...a new day

When Thom gently set the bird down in the middle of the stones a light began to emerge from one stone to the next until it was a complete circle of light. It was so blinding the Thom had to raise his hand to protect his eyes. After a few moments the light subsided and where the bird once laid a beautiful woman lay wrapped in a blue blanket of feathers. She opened her eyes and glanced around disoriented.
“Who are you?” She asked bewildered.
“My name is Thom.” Her replied as he placed his hand in his chest.
“My name is…” her voice trailed off in confusion. “My name is…”
Thom realized she didn’t know who she was and as she glanced around, she did not know where she was either.
He reached out to help her up and she shrank away from him. Slowly he pulled his hand back and gently said, “I mean you no harm.”
“Where are we?” She muttered as her eyes began stream tears of frustrating confusion.
Thom glanced around and saw the little blue bird in the tree, ‘’maybe he knows.’ Thom thought to himself. Slowly he got up from his knees so he didn’t scare the girl anymore. “Where are we?” He asked.
The little bird cocked his small head at him as if he didn’t understand a word that was spoken to him. His beak parted and instead of the voice of a child a birds chirp came out.

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