Evony and the dragon3

“What is it that amazes you, young one?” Brodha probed. The term <em>young one</em> was used relatively, as with the elven race, young could be over a century, just as with his kind. It was very likely the young maiden had never seen one of his kind. “How May I be of service to you, My Lady?” He assumed she was a daughter to the king by the way the soldiers deferred to her. He bowed his head to her, as well.

" it is well to meet you Brodha, it is just i jave never seen a dragon. Of course we are all told legends as children... But im afraid your kind is only ever painted in to roles in those tales....the great beast who brings death and destruction and the wise hermit who sits in a cave and one must be very Witty to learn much of anything from... But you do not seem as eaither of those things" she said honestly. Her father looked embarrassed at her blunt answer. "forgive her forwardness, she is still young. " he informed Brodhad.

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