The Uniqueness of Dragons

Her father looked embarrassed at her blunt answer. "forgive her forwardness, she is still young. " he informed Brodha.

“No apology necessary,” Brodha snapped at the king a little to harshly. In truth, he was more perturbed by the king offering an apology for the young maiden than he was of her inquisitiveness.

Brodha laughed a deep laugh from his belly. This young maiden amused Brodha. It was inquisitiveness such as this that caused people to learn about more than themselves. In fact, by learning about things outside of self, people tend to also learn a tad bit about the self.

“Dragons,” Brodha affirmed to the maiden, “are like the elves that you know around you here. Each one has their own unique personality. While it’s true we tend to be wiser than most beings, it is only because we have such long lives to contemplate matters.”

He looked at the guards staring at him. Then his eyes met the king’s eyes once more. “Your Highness, you lay dismiss your Tripp’s. I will cause no harm upon the city. If you wish, permit the fair maiden to stay and I will tell her about dragons and their ways.”

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