A Quick Getaway

(continued from “Secrets of the Squire,” May 5)



“I’ll do everything you just said...but if it turns out they think I’m a spy, and I have to leave ...would you come with me?”

Before William could answer, a loud clatter came from the other room.

Both William and Katie moved quickly and quietly to the open door. They saw a knight running. Apparently, in his urgency, he had dropped his spear (and picked it up again). The knight was older than them, but still fairly young and inexperienced...enough to look behind him, see them looking at him. The guilty expression on his face told them everything they needed to know.

“Oh man oh man oh MAN!” shouted William. “We are in DEEP trouble now!”

“Hang on a minute,” said Katie. She was panicking inside, too, but still hoping for the best. “Maybe if we talk to them and explain what happened, it won’t be so bad.”

“Won’t be so bad? I’m gonna be in big trouble for lying to a fairy, and if he misheard what we said about the spy stuff…”

Katie sighed. She really wished she could talk with Florien right now. But maybe William was right, and it might be a bad idea to wait around and find out.

“OK, OK. Let’s at least get away from her as quickly and quietly as we can, then we’ll sit down and think of a plan. All right?”

William nodded. “We can’t get too far away, though. I know the surrounding areas, but I’ve stayed in and around the castle for most of my time here. I wouldn’t know where else to go!”

Much to William’s surprise, Katie produced a small booklet from her back pocket.

“That’s okay,” she said with a smile. “I just so happen to have a map of this whole world.”

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