A Stranger on the Road

(OOC- I will be adding a few more characters as my character progresses to the side plot I had planned for him, but I firstly want to create a new post for him.)

Branches covered the roadway, many of them stamped down, as if someone traveled the path. Vergo gazed at the trees, and watched the little leaves rustle in the wind. It was a nice day, with a bright sun glaring through the treetops. He felt the little clawed feet of Torch climbing over his shoulder, and hopping into his arms. She stared up at him with her large eyes, and puffed a cloud of smoke from her nose. Vergo raised his one hand and coughed from the smoke, nearly dropping Torch in the process. He then placed his hand on her back, and watched her curl up.

"Dont worry, we will reach the elven city soon." He whispered gently.

The elven city was one of Vergo's favorite places, where he would grab some strange gamey meats, perform with the elves, and snag a few valuables to sell to the human cities. Elven treasure fetches more in the outerlands. And besides, seeing the dragon heading the same way a short while ago only adds to Vergo's curiosity. Maybe he could introduce Torch to him, or her.

A loud crunch echoed from the distant trees, further down the path. Torch quickly clambered back over Vergo's shoulder as he towards the noise, drawing his daggers.

He gained speed, and as he reached the bend in the road, he saw a woman with red hair holding her own against a group of orcs. As she finished the last one, Vergo stood still behind a tree, impressed with what he saw. If she was going the same direction, he could use her as a body guard, and in the worst case, food. As she turned away from the dead orcs, Vergo stepped from the bushes, quickly sheathing his daggers so he wasn't seen as a threat.

"Hello there, impressive fighting skills you displayed there. Would you by any chance be heading to the same elven city as I?" He asked, as Torch climbed back to his shoulder.

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