Not Food

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Vergo watched Amdir as she replied, and felt Torch's grip on him loosen.

"I am going in that direction." Amdir looked thoughtful for a moment before continuing. "Are you looking for a fellow traveler? This road has suddenly become a dangerous place, and even a stranger is probably better than those Orcs."

"I could use someone by my side in these forests, this was the first encounter with orcs since I first left the distant town, but if there were this many here, there are bound to be more," he answered, rubbing Torch's neck. "So yes, I could use a traveling companion other than my little dragonling.

He gazed at the bodies, fresh meat, although not the best to eat. Orc meat was nasty for him, two pungent and filled with gristle. Bait for traps, yes. But food for Vergo, no, not food. Maybe a little treat for Torch, yes. He walked towards the bodies, but firstly stopped a stride away from Amdir.

"We should loot these bodies, but first, I think an introduction would be advisable. My name is Vergo, talented bard with the flute, and I travel with my dear dragon, Torch. Who might you be?"

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