Brodha’s Pledge

He looked at the guards staring at him. Then his eyes met the king’s eyes once more. “Your Highness, you lay dismiss your Tripp’s. I will cause no harm upon the city. If you wish, permit the fair maiden to stay and I will tell her about dragons and their ways.”

The king seemed to be considering Brodha’s proposition. Should he leave his young daughter alone with the dragon. Or should he leave his troops here to protect her. Brodha has seen this was a difficult decision for the king. He obviously cared deeply for his offspring.

“I give you my word as an honorable dragon,” Brodha promised the king, “no harm shall befall her. If anything threatens to harm her, they shall have to deal with me first.”

Brodha hoped the king would see the truth of his words. He had no reason for untruth at this point. With one breath, Brodha could destroy most of the troops here. After all, their golden armor was a good conductor of the streams of lightening that spewed forth from Brodha. Their weapons had to find a chink in Brodha’s own natural armor to do him harm.

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