Vergo and Amdir meet for the first time

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"I could use someone by my side in these forests, this was the first encounter with orcs since I first left the distant town, but if there were this many here, there are bound to be more."

"Yes, but Orcs normally do not habitat these lands," Amdir said absently, thinking about something. After a moment she shook her head. "It is a puzzle for a later time, I suppose. We should get a move on before it gets any darker."

"We should loot these bodies, but first, I think an introduction would be advisable. My name is Vergo, talented bard with the flute, and I travel with my dear dragon, Torch. Who might you be?"

The suggestion of looting the bodies gave Amdir pause. Doing so for information, yes, but this seemed a bit more enterprising. She looked over Virgo again as he walked past, and decided to be careful with this stranger, at least until she knew more about him and his little dragon companion. Still, that was no reason to be rude.

"Well met Vergo and Torch, I am Amdir." Amdir said as she pulled her cloak's hood back over her long hair, and prepared to mount Misty for the trip ahead.

As she did so, she braced herself. Often a stranger would connect the name and her red hair and realize she was THE Lady Amdir. In fact, it was rather refreshing when somebody didn't know who she was, Amdir thought with an inward sigh. The real person was much less impressive that the legend, much to the disappointment of many, who though she was superhuman.

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