A Little Gemstone, Glowing West

"Well met Vergo and Torch, I am Amdir." Amdir said as she pulled her cloak's hood back over her long hair, and prepared to mount Misty for the trip ahead.

He knew the name, but not well, something about it felt different. Maybe it was the Lady Amdir? But he knew little about her other than her nobility. As he watched her nervous stance, he decided to avoid pressing the matter. Besides, what place did a thief have questioning someone as skilled and noble as her.

"I have heard your name, but know little of it. Drunken tavern tales vouch, but I understand them little." Replied Vergo. "But I do assume that due to your status, of the name Lady Amdir, that you would be much against looting the orcs. Unless I assume wrong."

As he replied he walked towards the bodies, each one in a different position. He tore through the clothing, seeing little valuables. A couple daggers, a few coins, and the ear of an orc can vouch for a valuable bounty. He could bring those in, and fetch a good pay. He took out a dagger, using it to cut a few pieces of flesh from the orcs; good enough size to be used in traps as bait; and stuffed them in a leather pouch on his waist. As he was finishing up his search, a shiny green object fell from the orcs pocket, round like a pebble, and glowing in the core. As he picked it up, the eyeball sized gem began to glow on the left side, pointing west. Quickly, he stuffed it into his pocket, and stood up. He turned around to notice Amdir focusing on her horse, with little knowledge of the gemstone. Maybe explaining it to her later would be the best option, but for now, it would be best to focus on shelter, and fire.

"Nothing good on these bodies, barely any valuables. Let's head off then, I know a good spot a short distance ahead that is shelter by an old house, and we can make a fire there." Proposed Vergo, watching as the sun began to set.

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