Dwindling Light

In what seemed liked quiet, crackling thunder, a shockwave ripped through the air. An orb of fiery crimson stretched out in the air with its glow, two figures emerging from the anomaly.

Sidhia knew the travel could be rocky for mortals. If she had let go the girl would've tumbled into the ground. She was blacked out as is. For one of the first times doing it, the result wasn't half bad. She trailed a claw down the blonde woman's forehead.

"You will come back to me," Sidhia snapped and the woman did too. She lurched forward-- nearly out of the cleric's arms --and looked around fanatically.
The woman straightened up as she was guided further.

"Where are we going?" A cold chill blasted past the two and she almost lost her footing.

"Sanctuary. Tell me, what is your name?"

"Paige... who are you? Where am I?" She rambled on with questions but as they stepped forward past and oddly shaped totem carved in stone, the air tingled until the empty snow in front of them was filled with something intimidating. A towering, yet crumbling temple lie ahead with these totems scattered all about. It was not there mere seconds ago, Paige wondered in awe. Who was this woman? Where did she end up in this strange area?

The cleric had made her way to the door and waved the starstruck girl over. Her hair fell in loose ringlets of gold, large eyes blacker than the night sky, skin fair like freshly fallen snow. A delicate, short frame did suit her making her seem small and even childlike. She had to be young. Young and pretty. How nice that must be.

Upon entering the building the large wooden door closed on itself, a soft rumble echoed through the cracked temple walls. Paige was still in awe as the cleric guided her. She had never seen a place like this in all her years, not even on vacations to tourist destinations. Then again, money was difficult to come by in her occupation alone so she didn't see much. But it looked like a fairytale, a mystical church or something. There they entered into a large round room where an alter sat atop on a platform and a figure, more corpse than person, neither man or woman, knelt down in prayer. It had a strange aura. Spiritual. Paige was a skeptic, but this felt all too real for a dream. She could touch. She could feel.

"Best not to disturb them in prayer." Sidhia whispered to the woman before guiding her into a side room. A layer of pale furs had been laid over a bed of stone bricks, a cot where the cleric had slept. Was it required for her to function? No, but it helped her heal and recharge physically and spiritually, and in her sleep she could see her kin and Kheske himself. A dream state. A semi human body was her host after all. Within the room there was a stone fire pit, a table and chair carved from solid stone, and a vast array of gems, jars of herbs and such, and a kettle nestled into her bookshelf that seemed rather odd. Silver and encrusted with shimmering ruby. A true treasure that could make some cash, Paige thought.

Oh a memory!

Of stealing? A shoplifter? Ah, yes. Borrowing without intent of returning.

Sidhia walked over to a large chest and unlatched it, opening the heavy thing. Her hands pulled out some similar sheets of fur all trimmed down to the same size.

"I will make you a cot, too, that is if you plan to stay. However, I am unsure if you want to leave at this hour in which the snowfall thickens."

"I don't know where I am or how I got here," Paige's voice shook with confusion, her thick accent Sidhia had never heard, and a stutter that seemed to make its return.

"Mmm," the cleric adjusted the cot across from hers in the corner. "Perhaps I can jog your memory with some soup. Speckled Ice dove one of the followers brought as an offering. They are good like that, collecting herbs and spices, edibles to bring here to us." She stood and grabbed a wooden bowl from the shelf and dished some warm soup into it as Paige took a seat. Sidhia wasn't this kind and charismatic to outsiders on any occasion unless they were here to worship. Nobody but the corpses and spirits were here for that. With each day the Empire existed and the free folks' god was praised, the believers of Kheske's numbers grew fewer. The thought of being able to bring one more mind into orbit was a priority because one day there wouldn't be enough belief in her kind and the dragon cleric's powers would fade. Her life would fade. Body, rot. Her power was a valuable thing in times of war like this but most barely acknowledged her existence...except for the one king she helped years and years ago. But add another cleric to the equation? There was no denying the things they were capable of!

Perhaps in spirit she was godly, but she was no saint, and molding a mind into a potentially powerful follower was not out of the question for survival.
It wasn't a question of would Sidhia do it, more over if this girl was made of steel, snakeskin, or snow?

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