Death Is In The Air

"Nothing good on these bodies, barely any valuables. Let's head off then, I know a good spot a short distance ahead that is shelter by an old house, and we can make a fire there." Proposed Vergo, watching as the sun began to set.

Brodha has taught Princess Evony much about dragons. She was a highly intelligent elf. They were usually able to take in large amounts of information and quickly process it to memory.

Brodha was really enjoying himself. It had been a long time since he communicated in a relevant way with another individual.

The wind shifted and something caught Brodha’s enhanced sense of smell. It was a familiar odor, the scent of death. As soon as rigor-mortis set into a body that has died, it began to give off a peculiar odor. It would be days before the human nose could pick up upon the scent.

“You stay here,” Brodha ordered the princess. “Death is in the air.”

Brodha’s mighty wings flapped, slowly lifting him into the air. Brodha flew higher and higher, using his keen eyes to scout the mountainside. And there, next to a clearing, Brodha spied several dead orcs. He thought he saw a couple individuals walking away, but couldn’t be sure as dusk was settling and they were in the shadows.

Brodha swooped to a landing next to the bodies. At least he wouldn’t need to kill. These were already slain.

Orcs were considered dark by many. It was true that they were extremely militant and always easily misled by evil overlords. Brodha wondered whom these served.

He chuckled. Tonight he would eat without killing. Brodha laid next to the first one and with one bite, half was gone, being grounded between his large teeth.

The food would replenish him enough to begin the long flight home. He would remember this place. In the future, when the humans in the lands perturbed him, Brodha would come here for solitude and to talk with his new friend. After dinner, he’d begin the journey home.

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