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Brooding Brodha

Brodha was brooding. Inside the vast cavern of Mount Balthor, Brodha paced the floor. Since the death of King Arnostus, his two sons had made a royal mess of things. They had split the kingdom of Argendoth in two. All that Brodha’s one true friend, King Arnostus, has worked hard for was wasted.

Brodha flew as far as he deemed necessary away from Argendoth. Finding the huge cavern at Mount Balthor was a godsend. Brodha knew the brothers would seek him for his support against the other. But, how could Brodha fight to destroy his friend’s offspring. There had to be a better solution. Something that would bring the two together again.

Then there was always the other scenario. Each may try to find Brodha to kill him. He was the last remaining living being that may remember the old kingdom.

Oh, how Brodha relished the olden day’s when dragons and men lived in peace with the other. But they were bygone days. Now men sought dragons for their scales as armour. They slew dragons for their horns and spikes to use as weapons. They put the dragons’ teeth and claws on chains, calling it jewelry.

This brought many of Brodha’s kin to anger. They would fly in a rage, destroying villages. Harming innocent men, women, and children.

Brodha could never bring himself to do this. He was the Ancient One. Perhaps the only dragon left that remembered the old days. The fact that they were no longer here caused Brodha great sorrow. His and King Arnostus was perhaps the last great friendship between the two species.

Perhaps there was a way for Brodha to still be the protector of the kingdom. Perhaps he could show the two fools their foolishness. Perhaps a common threat would bring them together again, fighting side-by-side. Perhaps an ancient, angry dragon could be such a threat.

The question was, how could Brodha present a threat without harming anyone? He’d have to think this over some more. Perhaps just a rumor. No, he’d have to do something more terrifying.

With a sigh, Brodha flew out of the cavern. He flew to such a great distance upward, that he appeared to be a small bird from below. He had to scout out the kingdom from above. Perhaps then, he’d have an idea of what to do.

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