This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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Basic 3.5ed / D20 rules, level 1, No Evil.
If you want a Race / Class not in the PHB let me know we'll work it out, Within reason.

Stats are by point buy
32 points to use

Each stat begins at 8.
A stat of 9 costs 1 point.
A stat of 10 costs 2 points.
A stat of 11 costs 3 points.
A stat of 12 costs 4 points.
A stat of 13 costs 5 points.
A stat of 14 costs 6 points.
A stat of 15 costs 8 points.
A stat of 16 costs 10 points.
A stat of 17 costs 13 points.
A stat of 18 costs 16 points.

Max HP for your class at Level 1
100 gp worth of gear.
You may have a Masterwork Armor OR Weapon as an Heirloom handed down through the generations of your family at no cost to your starting money.

Wizards can use cantrips 1 / hr. Per level. For their level x2 in minutes. Unless it is an instant effect.
They choose 5 starting spells from this list.

Burning Hands
Change Self
Charm Person.
Detect Magic
Feather Fall.
Hold Portal
Magic Missile
Protection from Evil.
Read Magic
Shocking Grasp
Mage Armor.
Color Spray
Comprehend Languages.
Dancing Lights
Detect Undead.
Spider Climb
Find Familiar.
Wizard Mark

Dice Rolls when needed will be through Rolz LINK
Dice roller is in Bottom Left Corner.

Each Character needs to have some trait or
recent event in their life that might mark them as an adventurer.
The starting city is Sasserine, in the Greyhawk Setting.