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Summary: Theo is a quiet, artistic, and colorful person who just so happens to be a slime monster.

Theodore (Theo) Hill

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Gender: Male

Age: 19 (actually about 76)

Group: Survivors

Nationality/Monster type (describe monster if you made it up)

Slime Monster/Shapeshifter


Busboy for a local restaurant
Community College student


Listening to and making music
Making/designing clothes

Physical Appearance

Theo can take any form he wants, whether it be a blob, human, monster, animal, and even inanimate objects (he's still working on that last one, though). When not trying to blend in with humans, Theo is opalescent, and tends to stay in a more humanoid figure. When relaxed, he really is just a blob, though.
When trying to fit in with humans, he usually takes one specific form. He has very tan, reddish skin dotted with lighter freckles. His hair is curly, with the sides and back shorter than the top, and is dark brown/auburn. Normally, in this form, he prefers to be around 5'10, and is a bit on the chubby side. Despite looking exactly human, his eyes give him away, since they're the same color as he is naturally. He lies and says he wears colored contacts.
His usual clothes are a letterman jacket from his old high school, a simple t-shirt, and jeans. He has two sets of ear peircings, and tends to wear one dangle earring and have the rest be either small hoops or posts. He will also wear eyeline, upon occassion.

Personality and interests

Theo is a very quiet, sweet individual who tries to encourage people to do their best, even when it seems hopeless. He tries his best to understand what someone is going through, and in most cases he is very sympathetic. He is easy on others, but hard on himself, not allowing himself to simply settle. You wont see him get a C+ or lower in any class, or be late to an appointment, or miss a hang-out date with his friends. He is surprisingly social, but most of the time, people have to talk to him first. Even then, he mostly just likes to listen. Get him alone, though, and he'll talk your ear off.
When it comes to his interests, he likes history, science (specifically chemistry), puzzles/brainteasers/riddles, volleyball, baseball, and video games. If you're a friend of his and you ask him to read your favorite book, or watch your favorite TV show, he will do so as soon as possible and (most likely) immediately fall in love with it. The only things that really don't interest him are stories without good plots, poetry (he has a hard time analyzing it), and running/walking aimlessly just to exercise.


Expanding off of the fact he wears eyeliner upon occasion, Theo lives his life out of spite. He was raised in a sewer (where else is a slime supposed to be?), told by his mother that he couldn't be anything in this world because he's a monster, and at first, he took this to heart. Theo and his sibling, Reese, crawled to the surface and slowly learned to live with humans, quickly becoming involved in... certain illegal activities, mainly because people kept telling him not to.
Theo met Elias a few years later, during the 1960s, and was eventually persuaded to leave behind his old life. Elias supported him in every way he could, including teaching him K-10 grade courses, and encouraging him to enroll in a nearby high school for his 11th and 12th grade years. His peers mocked him for all the dumb things he'd say and do, and Theo graduated in the top two percent in his class out of spite. He had a nice, close friend group that he spent a lot of time with, just because his family said it'd be impossible to hide from them. Theo went on to community college, and got a job-- as well as two freelance jobs-- just because people said he couldn't balance it all out. But you know what? Even if he lives out of spite, he's having one hell of a time doing it.

Anything else you'd like to mention?

Theo doesn't need to sleep, and he usually chooses not to. He doesn't need to eat, either, but he rather likes food.
Theo is also picky about pronouns. He mostly goes by "he/him", but if he tells you to call him by something else specifically, he expects you to do so.

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