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Summary: Kace is a kind-hearted, impatient, energetic monster with a wonky mouth and a knack for words.

Kace Trine

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Gender: Male

Age: 20? (actually in his early 200s)

Group: Survivors

Nationality/Monster type (describe monster if you made it up)

A monster with a wonky mouth. His, specifically, goes the wrong way.


Kace works from home, mostly writing children's stories and novels.
He is unintentionally quiet and sneaky, and frequently surprises his friends and girlfriend.


Redecorating his house
Taking things apart and rebuilding them to see how it works

Physical Appearance

Kace has warm, dark brown skin, with curly black hair and amber eyes. He's 5'6, a bit thin, and always has a mask over his nose and mouth. He has three freckles that form a triangle on his face, and looks exactly like a human does. He likes to wear comfy clothes, like big sweater and thick sweatpants when it's cold, or just shorts when it's hotter.
If you take of his mask, his mouth is vertical instead of horizontal. He has no lips. and all his teeth are sharp.

Personality and interests

Kace is a surprisingly high energy individual, although he doesn't seem like it. He has severe ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), and doesn't want to go to a doctor to get medication since they'd immediately know what he is. So, he tends to bounce his leg a lot while writing, spin in his chair, get up and walk aimlessly around the house, and even start randomly cleaning/reorganizing/moving furniture around. Despite this, he really doesn't talk as much as one thinks he should, but when he does, he's usually a little loud (though he really doesn't mean to be). He frequently spaces out during conversations, but can normally manage to remember everything you said when he comes back down to Earth. Kace loses his temper easily, though he works on being more patient, and his first response to a threat or frustration is violence. That is, unless it's his friends or girlfriend, in which case he walks in a circle or back-and-forth in a straight line, mumbling about how "patience is important". Surprisingly, though, he's great with kids. Kace also loves to spoil the people he cares about, which means cooking for them and coming over to their house at 3 in the morning because they called saying they heard a loud noise and got scared. He will also cook a big meal and take it to someone as an apology, since he words "I'm sorry" are meaningless to him.


Kace doesn't remember the war, but he grew up with his parents telling him stories about it. His mother is a monster, but his father was a human, and every time they would tell him about the war, Kace would cry. As soon as he could start writing full sentences, he began to write stories about how different the world could've been if humans had excepted the monster's differences. Kace was homeschooled, so his parents ended up letting him focus on his writing. Kace was the human equivalent of 9 when his father passed away, and he and his mother grew extremely close over his fathers absence. Despite this, his mother's dream was to travel the Earth, since she had never gotten to in her 700 years of life, so Kace encouraged her to go on while he stayed at home and watched over everything. Kace gets a postcard and a phone call every now and then from his beloved mother, who cant wait to come home and see her baby.

Anything else you'd like to mention?

Kace has a weird love of bones, fossils, and rocks. He tries to hide it.

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