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Summary: Lily is a very colorful, opportunistic, and beautiful girl who loves to teach and give.

Lily Faro

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Gender: Female

Age: 22

Group: Humans

Nationality/Monster type (describe monster if you made it up)



Illustrator for her boyfriend's books and book covers
Teaches art at an elementary school


Visual Art
Reading science articles
Playing video games

Physical Appearance

Lily has long, blonde hair which is usually put up in a pony tail. Her eyes are a vibrant shade of green, and she has thin lips and a cute button nose. Lily also has an unreasonable amount of freckles, but she just says that the angels absolutely adored her when she was a baby. She's about 5'8, and is usually seen in either shorts and a colorful tank top, or one of Kace's sweaters. If she wears makeup, it's usually just mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick, since she doesn't want to cover up her freckles.

Personality and interests

Lily is a beautiful and outgoing woman. She isn't afraid of things not working out, and she figures that every shot she doesn't take is also a shot missed. Her life is centered around her friends and family, and she spoils them any chance she gets. She's great with little kids, and very accepting in general. Once Lily loves someone, she does so unconditionally, and often ends up getting used like a doormat. It's easy for her to make friends, and she has a ton of said friends, and she's also a great mediator during arguments and things of the like.

Lily has always been interested in the supernatural. She sought it out all her life, in fact, finding comfort in the strange noises of her home at night, and the odd way that the shadows sometimes whisper to one another when they think she is asleep. Now that she gets to help reintroduce monsters into the human world, and her boyfriend is a monster himself, she couldn't be more excited for the days to come.


Lily grew up in a house with three other kids, and two mothers. At first, she lived with her mother and father, but they ended up getting divorced when she was about 6 years old, and her mother remarried. She was a ruthless bully for a while, but her two wonderful step-siblings helped her be more confident in herself, her interests, and her self-expressions. She wasn't exactly talented when it came to school, but she excelled in most extra-curricular activities, and now, she's happy to be able to teach kids the wonders of art and expressing oneself.

Anything else you'd like to mention?

Lily tends to accidently attract unwanted attention from supernatural beings. Even when they popped up at the worst of times, she's always been kind to them, and in return they have protected her from the more monstrous and cruel creatures. Her boyfriend is Kace.

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Image of Lily Faro
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