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Summary: Elias is a gentle, patient leader who has a knack for plants.

Elias Itrona

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Gender: Male

Age: 24 (actually around 475)

Group: Survivors

Nationality/Monster type (describe monster if you made it up)

A monster with a wonky mouth/human


Leader of The Pack
A leader of The Survivors



Physical Appearance

Elias has naturally honey colored hair, tan skin, and a few faded freckles on his cheeks and across his nose. He has a slight aquiline nose, bright amber eyes, and a big smile. He's only about 5'5, but he has a strong build. Elias normally wears sweatpants and tank tops, but if its a cold day, he goes all out; long sleeves, a hoodie, a jacket, a coat, and a scarf. If he's at home, he wears a crop top most of the time. He doesn't have to wear a mask, because he has a normal mouth that he speaks and breathes with, but he has a secondary mouth that stretches over his stomach that he eats with.

Personality and interests

Elias is a very gentle, sweet person. His friends frequently call him "Mom" as a joke, since he acts like a mom would to everyone he cares about. He's extremely patient, but once he reaches his breaking point, there is nothing anyone can do to stop his wrath. He isn't violent, but he isn't afraid to shout at someone. If people need a leader, he is usually the one to step up and take responsibility, but once he is unneeded, or there needs to be a change in leadership, he will also not fight for his position, especially if his people feel as though its best. he knows just what to say and when, and is often seen y his pack and friends as a source of comfort.
His interests range from quietly working with his hands to going out and partying for hours on end. There's very few things that he doesn't find interesting.


Elias is a monster, but is also human. He has vague memories of his parents, since his father was a full monster and was murdered for his non existent crimes. His mother tried her best to raise him, but when he was about 14, she died from an illness. Since then, he has lived on his own, finding creative ways to get money and food without stealing from others. He became an assistant to healers throughout the century, and knows every medicinal, poisonous, and normal plant there is on Earth. He has a knack for plants, so once medicine began to eliminate the herbal elements and skipped straight to chemicals, he decided to become a florist. Now, he happily makes floral arrangements for weddings and birthdays, as well as seek out survivors to help the cause.

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Image of Elias Itrona
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