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Dillon Forst

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Gender: Male

Age: 18 (really 18)

Group: Survivors

Nationality/Monster type (describe monster if you made it up)

On his human side, Dillon is a blend of many things, the biggest chunks being Italian, German, and Japanese.

On his monster side, he's another blend. He's mostly a Wendigo, but also has a bit of Wyvern, a drop of Phoenix, and other trace monsters.

He was intended to be a Wendigo without the weaknesses, but really, all sorts of side effects popped up in their place.

In his human form, the only abilities he has access to are mimicry, night vision, infra red vision, and a weak form of pyrokenesis. Only mimicry comes effortlessly. If he pushes too much with the rest, he's risking turning into his monster form, which is extremely rare, as he avoids it at all costs. Being a Wendigo, he has a constant aching hunger. In his monster form, he can't control himself.

He can't regenerate very well, but due to a complicated process of unwillingly absorbing the spirits of those who die around him, upon dying, he will jumpstart back to life. He could potentially die permanently, but it's a very difficult state to reach.


Dillon has a deep love for music. He can play a dozen instruments, and due to his Wendigo side gifting him with mimicry, he's a flawless singer. Unfortunately, due to an incident half a year ago, his vocal power was cut in half due to the functional loss of one of his lungs.

He briefly attended a music academy, but stopped attending due to said incident. (Incident (TM) is quite the turning point.)

Currently, Dillon has a job at a university library.


Music and sometimes cooking.

Right now, he doesn't have much passion.

Physical Appearance

Dillon looks completely human. In a way, his monster side is stored in a pocket in his soul. However, it tends to leak into his DNA, steadily and very slowly mutating him. He's still completely passable, but he's very lanky and slender, along with a bit pale. He looks a bit sickly, but that's because he is.

His lifespan is a complete mystery, but if he lived to a century, who knows how far the mutation would change him.

Despite his height of 6' 2" and probably growing, he doesn't hold much presence. Really he's like a shadow in the background.

He has perfectly primary blue eyes, but his right is just a tad paler and accompanied by a light scar from the bridge of his nose to his cheekbone, which he keeps covered with his long black bangs.

He's considered a "very handsome young man" by the elders of his life and a "pretty boy" by his peers. As he continues to mature, he grows closer to the former description.

Personality and interests

Dillon is timid as hell. He's depressed and anxious, with a nice sprinkling of PTSD due to the Incident (TM).

On the outside, he's a little shy, but polite and friendly. He has very little willpower and won't stand up for himself, but if someone else needs help, he's there.

He used to be much more relaxed and outgoing, even a bit cocky, but the Incident (TM) changed everything.


Very long and very complicated story made short as possible, Dillon was a lab rat. Once he was able to control himself well enough, he was taken out of the lab and given a nice home by his maker where he was raised as normally as was possible. His father being a very busy and professional man at the head of his medical empire, Dillon spent a lot of time passed between "relatives" -typically his father's lab assistants, and spent time growing up with his lab rat cousins.

At seventeen, having graduated highschool a year early, Dillon was allowed to move out to attend a music academy.

Then the Incident (TM) happened, leaving him a complete wreck.

After months of recovering and being coddled and suffocated from over protectiveness, he decided he needed time to himself. It was agreed that he could move out again, at least for a time, to try and breathe.

Now, he's living in a one bedroom apartment and working at a library. In his spare time, he stares at the ceiling and tries not to think too hard.

Anything else you'd like to mention?

There's plenty more complexity and layering to his story that ain't nobody got time for outside of his own book which will hopefully eventually be published IRL.

Ask him and yee might receive. He's very reserved, but he's a mess that needs an outlet.

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