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Summary: Icy progenitor of the nogitsune


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Gender: Female

Age: 4.5 billion

Group: Monsters

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One of the first kitsune and extremely powerful due to the nature of the species. Not as powerful as the progenitors who follow Inari. Feeds by shapeshifting into human form and sucking life force from humans, with the ability to create illusions and dreams aiding her in this goal. This feat of shapeshifting can be achieved by places reeds, a leaf or a skull over her head. In addition, those with benevolently-aligned abilities may be able to see through her illusions, see spiritual projections of her tails and/or sense her presence in their dreams. She could also be exposed with dogs: a species that acts as the key fear of the kitsune species as an entirety.
As with most nogitsune; the kitsune who are separate from Inari, Kurenai is usually only seen at night due to it's associations.
Kurenai is able to possess humans, at the cost of losing all of her typical magic abilities aside from her feeding abilities. Usually she will possess women rather than men, using them to seduce men and then feed on them. Kurenai has empathic abilities and can usually sense the emotions of others, allowing her to quickly flee if things take a turn for the worse.
Kurenai has power over the element of fire, although this ability is rarely used unless she is backed into a corner. It is less painful than natural fire and does not create smoke, but does not put any strain on her either, allowing her to consistently make use of it.
Kurenai is easily dispelled by certain rituals and other spiritual means that would work on evil spirits.


Oragami, cooking, cleaning and visual art displays.

Physical Appearance

Kurenai is a silver kitsune with nine black-tipped tails, black paws and black ears. Her eyes are constantly changing color in tandem with her emotions, but are consistent in the sclera rarely being visible due to her iris size, and her pupils being thin.

Personality and interests

Kurenai is an ancient kitsune with a vast expanse of knowledge, often coming across as very detached due to her age. Very few scenarios can spur any reaction other than a cold smile out of her. Her only source of fire comes slights against her kind. The wrathful nature of the species is strong in her, and scores that cannot be settled by typical kitsune are approached by her with little to no hesitation. She is strongly loyal to the nogitsune, and scorns the servants of Inari with no feeling of kinship towards them. In return, she expects the same from the other nogitsune and is quick to stick her nose up at those with opinions other than hers. She is stubborn, with beliefs grounded in stone over billions of years that she refuses to accept input from younger kitsune on.

Although she does have a certain admiration and liking for humans, she still does not believe that the kitsune should not consider them food and treats them as such. She has little regard for the life of a single human, although she would hastily step in to protect the species against annihilation in the same way that a lion would defend it's hunting ground from other predators. Kurenai is somewhat strange in her relation to humans, as she consistently treats her prey with kindness before murdering them. She is not a sadist and chooses to make their final hours of life as pleasing as possible out of respect for their intelligence. Kurenai would never attack a human child, and has been known to actually become the guardian of children that she has orphaned.

Kurenai has some strong maternal instincts, and has a soft spot for innocence. She is on the soft side for a nogitsune, turning from a malicious predator to playful and mischievous in the face of youth. Sometimes she will transform into a child and ask to play with them. She simply likes to spend time with young children, and even shows an affinity for animals with similar levels of maturity. Yet still she doesn't grow attached to any one human. It is the fleeting personality of a child that enthralls her, and her interest is gone as soon as the child grows up. Cleanliness is so important to her; the values of respect and loyalty to one's kind, that she ultimately loses interest in humans because they don't show enough respect or loyalty towards each other for her to feel sympathy towards them.


Kurenai came into existence along with a few other kitsune, created to be the servants of the agriculture god Inari Ōkami. Many of the firstborn kitsune, pure and white, would bow down and serve Inari Ōkami. However, Kurenai and a minority of the kitsune would instead become the yōkai known as nogitsune. Through procreating amongst themselves, they would breed a line of such. During the purge of monsters, Kurenai fell victim to the humans while attempting to protect her more vulnerable brethren.

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If the lore is too inflexible and restrictive to the other players, then I can delete most of it. However, much of it is based at least in part on the mythology of the kitsune.

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