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Summary: Cain is a good dragon who's made bad choices.

Cain Neilson

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Gender: Male

Age: 1,200

Group: Monsters

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A dragon from Nordic mythology.


Cain has the amazing ability of talking people into doing things they wouldn't normally do, and confessing things they wouldn't want to say. He manipulates people, or at least upon occasion, and basically follows his big sister around everywhere.
His "job" is buying things for low prices, like at garage sales or thrift stores, and selling them at way higher prices. And, because he has a way with words, he makes a lot of money doing it.


He enjoys thrift shopping, pitting two random people against each other by setting up elaborate "accidents", and causing trouble in general. He has never gone so far as to actually try to kill someone, but he likes to get humans to rough each other up a bit.

When he isn't following his sister around, he's usually making little animations. He would never tell her that, though, because she'd break everything he owns.

Physical Appearance

Cain, as a dragon, has spikes and horns all over him. He has a long body, but isn't a Chinese dragon. He has several smaller eyes, and his body is a gradient of Purple to blue to green. He's about the size of a usual high school, but can change said size if he wants, just not by much.
As a human, he has an eye color that can only be described as golden. His hair is "dyed" the same gradient that his body is when he is a dragon, and his canines are unusually sharp. Humans like to joke that he has vampire or werewolf fangs. Ah, if only they knew. He's 6'1", slim, and usually wears jeans and a leather or jean jacket.

Personality and interests

He's mischievous, but charming and curious. He knows how twist a lie into sounding like the truth, though he really doesn't do it often, and loves to play pranks on others. He doesn't put people down, or mock them, but he has fun throwing a pie in their face and blaming it on someone else, so to speak. If his sister isn't around, he's actually quite fun, but otherwise he's an idiot, to say the least.


Cain grew up with the help of a human, who had claimed to have found him when he was an egg, all by himself. The human raised Cain like any parent would raise their actual child; with love and care. Cain was soon found by another dragon from the same clutch that he was from, and soon began to be manipulated by her. She convinced him to leave the human in favor of his real family, and to get back at their mother for being cruel. He never had a hand in really killing her, because it isn't what he felt was right, and because he hated the though of killing his own, but his sister will always say that he was the one who killed her, in the end. To this day, he still regrets it. Ever since then, he has struggled to remain unharmed and live up to his sisters expectations, in fear of being ripped to shreds if he doesn't do as he's told. He wants desperately to have the courage to tell her to piss off, but it just isn't there.

Anything else you'd like to mention?

Cain isn't a bad person, and is just too scared to lead his own life, honestly. He'd never hurt another dragon unless he had to, and he rarely picks fights with monsters-- even the ones who are protecting the humans. He knows right from wrong in his book, but he's too afraid of his sister to choose for himself.

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