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Summary: A cruel, abusive, manipulative dragon.

Nadia Neilson

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Gender: Female

Age: 1,200

Group: Monsters

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A dragon from Nordic mythology.


Nadia is a pro at being sneaky and getting what she wants. Humans (and sometimes other monsters) often have the urge to follow her without question, and she's blunt to the point of it almost being rude. She means no disrespect, most of the time, and it's just how most dragons are. At least if they're from around her time.
Her "job" is the same as her brother's-- buying things for low prices, like at garage sales or thrift stores, and selling them at way higher prices-- but she also enjoys being more or less like a hitman for monsters. She often goes out and kills humans just because she can, and sells their remains to monsters.


She's a workaholic. The only hobby she has is constantly picking on and mocking her younger brother so that he'll "stay in line".

Physical Appearance

As a dragon, Nadia has spikes and horns all over her. She has a long body, but isn't a Chinese dragon. She has several smaller eyes, and her body is a gradient of yellow to green. She's much bigger than her brother, Cain, but can change said size if he wants, just not by much.
As a human, she has orange eyes. Her hair is "dyed" the same gradient that her body is when she is a dragon. She's 5'11", built, and usually wears t-shirts and jeans.

Personality and interests

She is incredibly blunt, as previously mentioned. Nadia enjoys picking out people's flaws and rubbing it in their faces, especially if it's Cain. She isn't very nice, and you have to earn her respect. She believes the human world is at her feet, and is very stubborn and opinionated. Speak against her, and she will try to crush you. Stand with her, and she will spoil you.


Nadia grew up like a usual dragon; with just a mother, and once she was able to fend for herself, she was kicked out of the nest. She was angry at her mother for throwing her out earlier than the others, even though she grew up quicker than the others, and she took her anger out on small villages. She soon learned that destruction, manipulation, and chaos were extremely fun, and soon decided to get back at her mother for what she'd done.
She found her younger brother who was thrown out, since their mother assumed that he just wouldn't hatch and didn't want to watch over him anymore, and she filled his head with lies, saying that Cain had hatched and their mother found him so weak, puny, and disgusting that she had thrown him out, hoping the wolves would find him and have a feast. Nadia claimed that their mother was cruel to the whole clutch, and even ate a few of the hatchlings who were getting on her nerves. After finding their mother and easily murdering her for her "wrongdoings", they proceeded to live on with other dragons. Since then, she has taken out all of her anger on her little brother, challenging him to try and do something about it.

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Image of Nadia Neilson
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