Image of Mol-ik(Pronounced Molk)

Summary: I will corrupt the world

Mol-ik(Pronounced Molk)

Gender: Male

Age: 20,000

Group: Monsters

Nationality/Monster type (describe monster if you made it up)

One of the last remaining Nepreen, Mol-ik stands at around 12 ft, weighing over 600 pounds.
His kind is split into castes, with Mol-ik being a scout caste, he is able to manipulate the living energy in all things, including his own. As a scout, he is also the smallest caste, sporting longer legs than others and a small pair of wings. These allow him to leap 40 ft in the air.
All nepreen have a chitinous armor, though it is far tougher than anormal bugs. Even as a weaker caste, his armor can withstand multiple high-caliber rounds. Although tough, his kind have weak spots on their joints, a well placed bullet can pierce through the tough fibers and render the limb useless.
Their heads are humanoid in appearance, even having only two jaws. Nose slits rest just above the mandible and on the top of the head, two antenna. The eyes appear humanoid, but are actually closer to that of a fly, with multiple pupils forming one eye.
Sports two sets of arms, a larger set that are placed similar to a humans and a smaller pair resting lower and closer to the chest. The larger pair are used for more heavy duty tasks, melee combat and such, while the smaller pair are mostly used for observation. Both are used in the act of wielding their magic.


Scout caste Nepreen are as their name implies, scouts. Scouts spend the most time out the hive and find supplies for the hunting parties to pick up. Working solitarily, scouts are not bound to the Queens will as the other castes are, instead being largely independent. This allows them to survive without the need for backup and gives them a creative edge when contending with new discoveries.
In battle, scouts are called on and are fiercely defended, being that no other caste(except the Queen) can wield magic of any kind. The Nepreen magic is a violent and brutal kind, taking the life force of others and morphing it into a dangerous and volatile force. When used, it corrupts flesh and rock alike, acting as a cancer as it kills its target. The effects vary , but are always harmful, whether the flesh turns to ash or a jagged charcoal like substance.


Mol-ik is fascinated by insects as a whole, as well as many small non-mammals. He keeps a menagerie of fungi and molds, with his "pets" crawling throughout his main base.
He also enjoys performing experiments on humans, testing the effects of his magic with a sadistic glee.

Physical Appearance

Described in his monster type.
He has grown a small crest of chitin plates on his head.

Personality and interests

Keeps a low profile despite his large stature, he will always try to avoid conflict first, until he can have the upper hand.
A master of his caste, he is a flurry in combat, able to dash in and "infect" an opponent before they can turn.
He despises humans, both from the war and from what they did to his kind.
He will go out of his way to kidnap humans for his experiments, though will not follow them to crowded areas.


His race once lived relatively peacefully alongside humans, his hive living in the deserts of southern North America. During the war, the Nepreen tried to stay out of the conflict, but humans eventually attacked. Destroying both his hive and his Queen, the Nepreen are a doomed race, no more will succeed him and the few that survived. Being trapped in the rubble of his former home, Mol-ik was able to escape after years of meditating and digging.
He now knows his place in the human world and will spend the rest of his days methodically picking off as many humans as he can.

Anything else you'd like to mention?

Although despising humans, he will accept hybrids in his presence. They are just on thin ice.

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Image of Mol-ik(Pronounced Molk)
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