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Summary: Come! Come! The party is starting and you have my attention.

Cardinal Sein

Gender: Male

Age: 3 billion

Group: Monsters

Nationality/Monster type (describe monster if you made it up)

Has incredible regeneration, effectively being immortal and unkillable.
Uses charm and seduction magic.
Is a master of martial arts and torture, aided by incredible strength due to his demonic nature.


Through his charm and seduction, he can make nearly all monsters and humans lust after him. During sex with his victim, drains their life force. He only takes a little at a time, preferring his victims to leave alive to bring more people.
Can mimic voices, giving him the ability to sing as if the original artist was there and copy the voice of those he meets.


He is a man of the arts, able to quote poets throughout the ages and play any instrument as a master.
Throws grand parties at his home, the perfect hunting grounds.

Physical Appearance

Stands 6'5"
When he is using his charms, his eyes will slowly turn into a mix of gold and red.
See Pic.

Personality and interests

He is a man that looks for thrills in life, living for the pure spirit of lust. While he prefers to hunt humans, he loves being around them. Although this love is more like a cat playing with a mouse.
Enjoys the drugs humans come up with, even if he cannot get addicted.
Will flirt with any person, male or female, and is used to getting his way due to his magic.


Living amongst mankind since his first appearance, Cardinal has used many names and been many things. During the war, he used his magic to great effect to hide away and gain favors.
In the modern time, he resides in America, traveling between his many homes and pulling the strings behind innumerable plans. Cops and politicians alike attend his parties and after a regretful night, bind themselves to Cardinals schemes in order to hide the truth.

Anything else you'd like to mention?

He holds no grudges to anyone, though will passively allude to betrayals and other dirt he holds on someone.

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Image of Cardinal Sein
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