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Summary: Living proof that life isn't just black and white, it's a million shades of grey.

Reese Hill

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Gender: Non-binary

Age: 19 (actually about 76)

Group: Monsters

Nationality/Monster type (describe monster if you made it up)

Slime Monster/Shapeshifter


Is an employee at a place that teaches people how to throw axes.


Watching Video game play-throughs
Going to musicals
Concerts... ALL the time
Lets just say you better hope your clothes are nailed down... unless you think they're cute?

Physical Appearance

Reese, though they are Theo's older sibling, looks nothing like him. They have auburn hair that is shaved at the sides and long at the top, and is usually pulled back in a short pony tail or bun. Reese has fair skin, freckles everywhere, and has facial and ear piercings, as well as a tongue piercing. They always have a smirk on their face, no matter the situation, and their eyes are green. They are only a couple inches shorter than Theo.

Personality and interests

In general, Reese is a very crazy sort of person. They say random, sometimes concerning things at random, sometimes concerning times, and they have almost no filter. They usually don't think before they act, unless it comes down to something very important to them or someone they love. Speaking of which, Reese only truly cares about one person-- their brother, Theo. Otherwise, the rest of the world can burn in hell for all they care. They wont think twice about dicing someone up because they looked at them funny, and they are just a bit on the sadistic side.
Despite all this, when in the presence of someone they care about, Reese tends to dial it down a bit. They try to get the other person to laugh, and smile, and frequently gets into extremely deep conversations that can sometimes result in a borderline existential crisis. Reese is intelligent, but lacks book smarts, mostly, and like Theo, they will try their best to take up anything a loved one is interested in. They are always curious about everything, and lacks the little voice of fear that we all have.


Reese is only a few months older than Theo, and has never quite grown up. Or rather, they refuse to. They were born in the sewers, and told their entire life by their mother that they were nothing more than a monster and a mistake. Reese believed this, and when Theo brought them out of the sewers and onto the surface, they became Theo's little duckling. They welcomed the violence and illegal activities that the human world greeted them with, and when Theo ran off with Elias, it almost broke their heart. Reese continued on the same path, and after losing more and more close friends, they refused to let themselves care about anyone but Theo. There was no success, no friendship, no love like their brother's life ended up having, and while Reese claims that they loves it, they silently wish someone would care enough to help them out of the hole they've dug themselves into.
Though they teach a class about axe throwing during most days, they prefer not to sleep, so they either partake in their "hobbies" or find someone who is willing to fight them.

Anything else you'd like to mention?

Reese doesn't take sides. They help the survivors when Theo asks, and intentionally avoids doing too much in order to stay of the organizations radar, but they have been known to kill both creatures and humans because they took a fight or argument too far. However, Reese isn't really a bad person. It's just all they know.

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