This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

Posted by : on Feb 8, 2019, 10:28pm

1. No mocking characters for any reason, unless a character is mocking another character as part of the story.
2. No gore or rape (I know that's a given but I'm putting that here for a reason). Fighting between characters as part of the story is alright, but anyone who violates this specific rule will immediately be kicked out of the game.
3. You can come up with any character you want, whether it be a human, a type of monster/creature from folklore, or a type of monster/creature that you've made up. I encourage you to be creative, whatever the case!
4. No mocking other players/writers for any reason.
5. Do not kill someone's character without the players permission.

About the Humans:
Humans cannot be mixed with any type of monster, but they can definitely befriend monsters and/or survivors, and even be in a relationship with them.

About the Monsters:
Don't be afraid to make up your own, but using pre-existing monsters and creatures are more than okay, as well! Depending on what type of monster it is, they will have been banished to specific places (example: Shadow Monsters have been banished to a different realm, kind of like The Upside Down in Stranger Things, if you've watched it. Likewise, some werewolves have been banished to the woods in Eastern Europe, etc.). Keep in mind that humans did in fact have a war with monsters, so a lot of monsters died, and the ones who didn't were mostly banished.

About the Survivors:
In addition to the "About the Monsters" section, survivors are the monsters and creatures who were able to hide amongst the humans because they could hide the fact that they were monsters, and thus were never targeted by the humans. For the most part, survivors should be reclusive and live in isolated areas, but if they are able to easily hide that they aren't human, they can live amongst them. Survivors can have short lifespans (like the humans do, and in this case, the survivor would not remember the war between monsters and humans), be immortal (like vampires), or just have long life spans (they'd remember the war, but they have the ability to die from old age like humans do). Survivors can also be human and monster (which are referred to as "impure", but it's still rude to call one that), or just a monster that can/does resemble a human enough to pass as a human.

About the World in General:
The story takes place on modern-day Earth. It's been about 450 years since unsuspecting monsters and creatures have been overwhelmed by the humans, and all that's left are the monsters who are incredibly great at hiding themselves. Soon enough, the creatures who were pushed away find their ways back into the human world, and for half a century, they have been slowly terrorizing the humans more and more. Now, after sudden reports of people seeing monsters, and an increased number of missing people reports, humans know that the "myths" and "stories" are a reality they'd forgotten over the years. Unlike last time, the monsters are on the offense, and the humans weren't prepared. The Survivors from the war must do their best to stop the two sides from trying to kill each other, while also having to find ways to hide their true identities from both sides.

***This is a very relaxed game, and the first time I've made one, so honestly it wont be very strict when it comes to making characters. I'd appreciate it if you'd stick to the "Humans, Monster, Survivors" thing, though. Have fun! :)