Theo did not want to be at work today. He was exhausted, and having a hard time staying human. Or human-looking, rather. Aside from that, did people not know how to keep their food on a plate, and their drinks in a cup? This is the sixth time since his shift started a couple hours ago that he'd had to clean up a family's mess, and he can say for sure that a half-eaten chicken fried steak is NOT supposed to be UNDER the plate.
He sighed and began to clean off the table. He loved working at this little Mom and Pop restaurant, for the most part, even if people were messy sometimes. He got free breakfast, lunch, and dinner, depending on which meal time corresponded with his shift, his coworkers and managers were nice, and he even loved his little uniform. He wore black, shiny shoes with black pants, a black belt, and a black button up shirt with a bowtie. It fit the atmosphere and style of the place perfectly, and the clothes were surprisingly comfortable. Plus, he feels pretty confident in it due to all the cute people who check him out while he's working.
He finally finished cleaning up the table, and he picked up the tub that held all the dirty dishes. They were a little understaffed today, so he was doing his best to work as both a busboy and a waiter.

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