I’m Just Gonna Check It Out

Caroline shot her friend a look. Perhaps the shadow had scared him and now he wanted to leave as quickly as possible. She didn’t blame him, some of those creatures were scarier than an old man defending his yard.

After a long moment of hesitation, she finally turned the keys and started the car. “Don’t worry. Was probably just some homeless dude.”

She stepped onto the gas, but then immediately hit the breaks again. “I’m just gonna got check it out. You wait here got it?” She demanded of him.

With that she climbed out of the car once more and and once out of Theo’s sight, pulled one of her guns. She peeked around the corner into the alleyway and pointed he gun into the darkness.

“I know you’re there,” she threatened, speaking low so Theo wouldn’t be alarmed. “It’ll make it simpler for the both of us if you just come out now.”

She took another few wary steps into the alley. Suddenly a flash of movement caught her attention. She whipped around and collided her elbow into the shadow whooshing by.

A grunt followed and then the sound of a body falling onto the ground. “What the hell woman!?” The shadow said, and when Caroline looked closer, she found that the thing she’d hit, was just the homeless man she’d told Theo about.

“Sorry sir. Thought you were... if you see anything moving in the shadows, well you might want to get out of here in that case.” She shot him a quick sloppy half-salute half-wave and stepped out of the alley.

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