At first, Theo was planning to follow Caroline. He didn’t want to anger her, though, so he waited until she was far enough away to get out of the car, closing the door so that it didn’t latch and make any loud sounds.

He followed his friend quietly, which wasn’t that hard. As he did so, he felt the urge to check around the garbage before going in the alleyway, and he’s glad he did. A small shadow hid behind the garbage, curled up as much as a person made of wisps could be, and looked at him with wide eyes.

He sighed, and thought for a second. If Caroline found him, or the shadow, she’d no doubt try to shoot them both. He took another look at the shadow, and he decided that he had to do his best regardless of whether or not it put him in danger. He abandoned his human form for something more similar to what he really was, and made his way up the wall to look over into the alley. He got there just in time to see Caroline knock over the homeless man.

He quickly plopped back down to the ground and became human again. “Okay,” he whispered to the shadow, “I don’t think she’ll find you. I know it’s gross, but hide in the trash.” He opened the lid for the creature, and it slowly made its way in.

“Why are you even digging through the garbage in the first place? That’s so gross, you don’t have to do that anymore.”

“... I can’t eat the food you guys give me... too spicy...” The shadow spoke softly, its tone guilty and scared.

“Well, then say something next time, sweetheart. We can’t have hunters killing you for something you didn’t do, huh?” Theo sounded bitter, yet

“Why do they think all creatures are monsters?”

“I don’t know, but there’s nothing we can do for now. Now hush, I’m going back to the Jeep. Be... quiet.” Then quietly shut the lid to the garbage and quickly walked back to the car, hoping he’d reach it before Caroline saw him.

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