Flashing Lights

Caroline got back into the car watching as Theo buckled in his seatbelt again. “Just as I said,” she informed him while she started up the car once more. “Only a homeless guy.”

She stepped onto the gas, a little irritated that she hadn’t found more in the alleyway. Had she been imagining things up in her apartment? If that was the case, it worried her. She needed a clear mind when hunting, and hallucinating was nothing but a drawback.

“Alright!” She cheered finally as she pulled her car into the parking lot. The music at the club was so loud, she could hear it every time the door opened to let someone in. “The bouncer knows me, so let’s see what I can do for us to avoid that line.” She pointed at the crowd of people standing in front of the club.

A couple of minutes, smiles and nice words later, the two of them were in the packed room. Lights were flashing, music was playing, people were dancing and drinking and laughing. It was just the environment Caroline liked, and with her friend at her arm, she predicted they’d have a good time. As long as nothing suspicious showed.

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