Get me a Drink?

It was a bit hard for Theo to be in such a large crowd, especially when he was tired and worried. All he could think about was if the shadow monster was safe.
As he looked around the club at all the people, he could easily distinguish his friends from the other humans. At least his friends here weren’t monsters, and had nothing to fear. This still didn’t help his stress levels.
Maybe some drinks would help him.
“Hey, can you order us some drinks? I don’t drink much, so I’m gonna out my trust in you, Caroline.” He smiled at his friend, laughing a bit.
After having people bump into him and almost loosing Caroline a few times, he decided to wrap his arm around hers. “Sorry, I don’t want to get lost.” He wished he didn’t have to shout above the music to be heard, but he was sure he’d get used to the atmosphere soon enough.

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