Caroline patted his arm and grinned. “You came along with me and choose yourself a drink yeah? You see the guy at the bar?” She pointed at a tall, lanky black haired man wearing a fedora and flirting with the group of girls who’d just ordered a couple drinks. “That’s the boss, he’s cute I know.”

She pulled Theo to the bar and ordered them two drinks. “Hey Tony!” She shouted over the music to get the managers attention. Tony turned and gave her a welcoming smile.

“Caroline, didn’t expect to see you here today. And look,” he said propping his elbows on the counter as he looked up at Theo. “You brought a friend.”

“He swings both ways,” Caroline whispered to her friend and unhooked their arms to take a seat. “Tony, this is my friend Theo. He workes at the little restaurant up the street. You know the one with the good burgers.”

“Ah the one with the burgers, yeah I know what you mean.” He smiled at Theo and Caroline nudged her friend with her elbow and wiggles her eyebrows. She wasn’t quite sure what way he swung, but she just assumed by the way he dressed and spoke... she gave him an indication to smile like they’d discussed earlier.

“Well it’s boring there so he was thinging of coming here to work with us.”

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