Two Jobs

So far, Tony wasn't exactly Theo's type. He didn't like flirty people, and he kind of preferred people shorter than him. Honestly, though, he decided to save his final opinions on Tony for later.
For now, he gave the manager a dazzling smile and took a seat next to Caroline. He had pulled up the sleeves of his jacket when walking over to Tony, due to the extreme heat of the club, and now rested his chin on the palm of his hand. He didn't look away from Tony, and instead gave him a flirty gaze. He very subtly changed his features to make him look softer, and he was undeniably pretty.
"Hello, Sir. And yeah, like Caroline said, working as a waiter isn't all that fun anymore. I was wondering if I could get a job here, too?"
He didn't want to quit his job as a waiter, since he did love it. That didn't mean he couldn't work another job, though. In fact, this was the first time since he was 16 that he didn't work two jobs at a time. The great thing about not needing to sleep? It made life a whole lot easier.

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