You’re A Natural

“I like this one,” Tony chuckled and pointed at the Theo. “How ‘bout you come in tomorrow for an interview and we can see if you’re fit for the job.”

Caroline gave Theo a pleased smile and took a sip of her cocktail. Tony left with a nod goodbye to tend the three girls again. “See you’re a natural. Didn’t think you would be. Not at all actually I thought you’d stumble over your words like an excited little kid.” She laughed and gestured for him to drink with her. “You didn’t expect him to say interview did you? Well Tony can be professional when he wants to be. Comes with the job.”

She hadn’t really spent too much time with Theo outside of the restaurant, but it was nice to get to know him better.

After Caroline’s third drink, she was up on the dance floor, grinding against some unknown man. The shadow from earlier was completely forgotten as she laughed and danced like so many time before. Only this time she could share her joy with a friend.

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