Theo looked at her, jokingly offended with a hand over his chest. "Didn't think I could flirt? Come on, Caroline, it isn't that hard. And I do it all the time, as a joke." He laughed a bit, picking up his own glass filled with a mix of vodka and orange juice. He had to drink something strong if he wanted to get even a little buzzed. "Honestly, if he didn't give interviews, I'd be worried."

Theo drank slowly, and was only half done with his second drink once Caroline was on the dancefloor. At first, he had planned on going with her, but he didn't know how well he'd be able to hide if he was tired, drinking, AND dancing. He sighed and smiled. At least his friend was having fun.

He took another sip of his drink, and looked around the club again, hoping to find someone cute to flirt with. Instead, his eyes landed on one of his newer friends, Kace. Ever since he was asked to join their little group, one that had a mission of keeping the monsters and humans from murdering each other, he and Kace had been paired off on jobs together. He waved the man over with a grin, and he happily complied.

Kace wore his signature mask, but today he was wearing some jeans with black and white flannel, with a grey sweater pulled on top. He looked cute, but Theo couldn't help but point it out to the man.

"Shut up, Lily is here with her friends and wanted me to tag along. She basically dressed me."

"Its depressing that a grown man like you has to have his girlfriend dress him." Theo stifled a laugh as Kace sighed deeply, rolling his eyes and fighting back a smile.

"Yeah, and why are you here?"

Theo gestured over to Caroline briefly. "She brought me, and I wanted to hang out with her some more. I don't get the chance to, often." He leaned closer to Kace, and spoke a bit quieter, "I think she's a hunter, so be careful. I'm sure she knows the whole thing with the masks."

Kace waved him off. "Eh, haven't gotten killed yet, have I? I'll just say I'm sick and I don't want anyone to catch a cold."

"Oh yeah, that'll work." Theo laughed, and Kace picked up his friends drink and downed the rest. they promptly began to get in an argument, but thankfully, it was all in good fun.

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