None of your business

Theo smiled at Caroline, though he was tense, as well. "This is my friend, Kace! Kace, this is Caroline."
Kace reached out to shake her hand, but as soon as she asked what was wrong with his face, he brought his hand back to his side and blushed. "You cant just ask people what's wrong with their face. First of all, theres nothing wrong, I'm just sick, and even if there was something wrong, it's none of your business." He didnt sound defensive, just embarrassed.
Meanwhile, Theo's cheeks became so red that he couldve passed as a strawberry. "Caroline!" He shifted uncomfortably in his chair, sighing. "A-anyways, uhm, did you have fun?" He glanced up at Caroline, referring to the dancing, but he couldnt look at her for more than a couple seconds.

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