The Usual

Caroline was exhausted when she opened the door to the restaurant. It was a little, comfortable place she like to visit after a hunt when she felt like a cheeseburger and fries where the only things that really mattered. The low amount of customers kept the attention off the occasional blood stain on her jeans or shirt and the questions about the dirty daggers in her boot to a minimum.

With a sigh she dropped into the booth by the window and scanned the room. A kid across the restaurant sent her a funny look. Caroline returned it with a bitersweet curl of her lips that made the little boy look away.

“Theo!” She called at the waiter cleaning tables. “Didn’t know you were in today.” She waved him over so he could take her order and entertain her with some small talk. “Get me the usual will you?”

The usual consisted of a cheeseburger, extra fries and a large root beer. Hunting got her stomach growling like nothing else. Funny really, considering the monsters disgusted her more than anything.

“How’s work goin’? Good I assume by that smile on your face. Doesn’t your face ever start hurting with that cheerful attitude?”

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