Let's talk about it

Kace looked at Theo for a few moments, then back at Caroline. This would end badly no matter what, wouldnt it? He sighed and began to reach up for his mask, but Theo stood and grabbed his arms before he could, throwing them down to Kace's sides.
He spun and looked at Caroline, and in all honesty, this was probably the first time she'd seen him genuinely upset. He looked like a nervous mess, but there was still a little fire in his eyes.
"Caroline, I can assure you that you do NOT need to shoot him." He glanced at where she kept her gun, then back up at her. "If you want to talk about it, then we can, but not here." His voice was shakey. He felt like he either just broke their friendship, got himself and his friend killed, and practically ruined everything.
Kace looked at Theo in a slight panic, but he didnt exactly know what to do. Instead, he looked between Caroline and around the room, looking for his girlfriend.

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